Global projects for a brighter future

IPI AG’s team of in-house engineers, researchers and innovators, as well as our wide network of partners and subsidiaries are all brought together by one shared passion: the development of eco-friendly, renewable and economically profitable solutions for companies around the globe.

In partnership with our subsidiaries, we have successfully implemented a variety of mid- to large-scale projects in Germany, Moldova, Italy and more. In addition to commercial work, we also carry out rigorous research to continuously add value to our products and come up with alternative innovative solutions for renewable energy, like our hydrothermal carbonization technology or IPI AG’s vertical axis wind turbines.

The way IPI AG works is by assigning each of our subsidiaries to a single project or a part of the holding. In this way, we can ensure we can develop both the commercial projects we undertake and bring value to our clients’ businesses, and have the time and resources to dedicate to further research. IPI AG tackles every step of the project, from planning through engineering and building to maintaining and consulting.

Take a look at some of the projects we have already completed: