Clean, environmentally-safe and profitable sewage sludge solution

Thanks to years of long-standing research, HTCycle is breaking new grounds in the development of solutions for a sustainable future. Our approach towards sewage sludge treatment addresses the waste disposal problem while generating valuable resources that can be used as fuel or fertilizers. In turn, this makes the waste disposal process not only cost-effective but in fact profitable.

Every year, over 100 million tons of sewage sludge are produced in wastewater treatment plants around the world. Incineration of this sludge is costly, but landfilling it or using it in agriculture can have tremendous negative impacts on the environment. The HTC technology we have developed offers a sustainable, economically profitable solution for managing large volumes of sewage sludge. The high concentration of carbon in the sewage sludge presents a considerable energy potential that is yet to be properly exploited. Moreover, our innovative approach also produces biocoal, which can be processed to activated carbon and also recovers nearly 100% of the phosphorus, which further aids in the separation of heavy metals and makes it possible to extract flocculating agents used for wastewater treatment.