Additional Support For Our Clients

Along with the hydrothermal carbonization of the sewage sludge or biomass, HTCycle GmbH experts provide additional services like: engineeringplanning and consultation for the clients that intend to create a hydrothermal carbonization plant for waste management disposal which could generate products like coal, active carbon and fertilizers, like phosphorus. HTCycle GmbH owns various patents of the hydrothermal carbonization process and our experts have deep knowledge in this area in order to support our clients in establishing an HTC plant for their own business needs.

As a technology leader and global solution provider, we support our customers who wish to build HTC plants for industrial operation. Our consultants and engineers offer support from the initial planning and conceptual design, through construction and implementation, right up to the commisioning and operation of the plant. Our main focus is to provide an efficient and sustainable operation and ensure our partners have dependable and reliable sludge disposal.